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Editora Peirópolis Launches “Possible Futures – Art, Museums And Digital Archives” 

Bilingual edition is the first in Brazil – and the most comprehensive in the world – to discuss the issue of preservation of digital art and collections digitization


São Paulo, November 2014 –Editora Peirópolis launches, in partnership with Itaú Cultural, FAPESP and Edusp, the work Possible Futures – art, museums and digital archives – it is the first Brazilian book dedicated to the discussion of preserving digital memory and culture, bringing together internationally renowned experts of the field of conservation of digital art and collections digitization. It is also an internationally pioneering work, since no book to date envisages, in only one volume, such a wide spectrum of issues.

The result of a seminar held at USP in 2011, the work organized by Giselle Beiguelman (FAUUSP) and Ana Gonçalves Magalhães (MACUSP) has articles written by a team of national and international experts addressing issues from the preservation of “natively” digital art to conservation processes of digitized collections, through the aesthetics that emerge from the databases to the new political and cultural complexity that arises with the era of “amateur archivists” and large “memorizer corporations”, such as Google and Facebook.

“This is the third work in the world to address the issue, and it is the most comprehensive one. We do a scan of all the issues involved in the field of digital memory and preservation of digital culture”, Gisele explains. In the introductory essay, she talks about the need to rethink memorization formats and conservation/preservation procedures.“It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that, nowadays, cultural memory is also an economic issue and a service. Therefore, it should require some sort of ethical code. After all, personal, collective, public and private memories are increasingly mediated by corporate instances. Such instances are related not only to the production of equipment, but also to large repositories of images, texts and audios that are discontinued when they cease to be a convenient marketing niche”.

In a bilingual edition and 680 pages, the book brings texts by curators of museums like Whitney, Reina Sofia and SFMoMA, in addition to essays by critics who are emerging on the international scene as Domenico Quaranta (Italy) and Jose Luis de Vicente (Spain) and great Brazilian representatives as Lucas Bambozzi, Gilbertto Prado and Daniela Hanns. They are all authors of the intriguing reflections on the new cultural dimensions of the document production processes in the 21stcentury.

As Giselle Beiguelman says on the introductory essay of the book: “Reinventing memory is necessary.”


About Editora Peirópolis

Created in 1994, the mission of Editora Peirópolis is to contribute to the construction of a more caring, fair and harmonious world, publishing literature that offers new perspectives for the understanding of human beings and their role on the planet. Their editorial lines offer creative ways of working with topics such as ethics, citizenship, cultural plurality, social development, ecology and environment – by means of an interdisciplinary and integrated approach. Besides that, it is a pioneer in collections devoted to indigenous literature, African mythology and Brazilian folklore. A few years ago, Peirópolis started developing a catalogue of Portuguese literature with the valuable recognition and support of the General Directorate for Book, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB) of the Secretary of State for Culture of Portugal. The publishing house is in tune with the purposes of the third sector actively participating in the growing movement of professionalization. To learn more about Peirópolis, visit www.editorapeiropolis.com.br.


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